A Tail of Love (Story) is the 9th episode of Season 4.
LPS-Sunil & Pepper-A Tail of Love


After her comedy routine falls flat due to Minka messing up her line, Pepper decides to quit comedy and start being dramatic like Zoe by wrapping her tail around Sunil and forcing him to pamper her, but as her new act goes too far, Pepper learns that she shouldn't follow her friend's moves and change who she is.


Pepper prepares her comedy routine for the Hub City Laugh-O-Thon comedy night with Pinkie Pie. She puts on her favorite clothes that Blythe designed for her from the fashion shop that saved Littlest Pet Shop and practices her gags and funny faces while behind her, Minka and Russell are helping Blythe and Buster with the posters.

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Pinkie Pie








Twilight Sparkle

Buttercream Sunday




Trivia Edit

  • In one part of this episode, it hints that Pepper has a crush on Sunil.
  • Like Sasquatch, Jasmine has a very big disgust on flirting.

Transcript Edit

  • Lief: Gee. Pepper sure has changed.
  • Blythe: Yeah,a bit too much. I wonder what's gotten into her? She's usually her own silly and well,peppery self. But now she's starting to act exactly like Zoe.
  • Zoe: I couldn't agree with you more,Blythe. She's not acting like her old self anymore.
  • Komodo: (eats his Jell-O Strawberry Parfait and nods) Uh,I know. I just wish there was something we can do to make her her old self again. This is becoming very disturbing.
  • Sasquatch:Me too.(places his elbow on the table while poking his blueberry on he parfait with a spoon) This is really grossing me out. (eats the whipped cream with the blueberry on it). But act least I'm still eating and I have to admit,these blueberry parfaits are delicious.Mmm,Mm.(licks the whipped cream off his lips)

(Mouse giggles while Komodo rolls his eyes and his wings beat with annoyance)

  • Jasmine: I don't know about you Sasquatch,but I'm starting to feel the same way as you. Pepper's big bushy tail tease and flirting thing is giving me a stomachache.(plucks a strawberry from her plate and places it in her mouth)
  • Vinnie: But the worst part is that Pepper's given up her stand-up comedy and is now starting to spend time with Sunil instead. (drinks his cappuccino)
  • Buttercream: Well,that's just terribly, terribly terrible with a side of apple and whipped cream on top!
  • Vinnie: What?
  • Buttercream: What?! *twists her ears and stomps her foot* Anywho...