Blueberry Muffin is one of Strawberry Shortcakes best friends in Berry Bitty
Blueberry Muffin
City. She works and lives at Blueberry Books

Added by Chrismh in the city and keeps everything very organized and in its proper place. Blueberry is usually seen with a book or reading one and has many types of books ranging from cookbooks to flower books to organization books!

Her color is azure blue and her icon/symbol is a blueberry, usually depicted as a big blue glass sphere/orb and single leaf.

Personality Edit

The usually mature, and very brainy girl of the group, Blueberry knows many facts retaining to just about anything! But this has also made her not very modest, sometimes she can be a little stingy and she detests mixing fiction with fact. She'll go out of her way to disapprove things, but eventually she does give in when "proof" is given. Blueberry also has a habit of getting caught in things, mainly the Patty Persimmon books, which she grew obsessed over and took a brilliant plan from Strawberry to make her realize what she was doing... Blueberry spends so much time with her books that she knows exactly what others need, or where the specific topic will be located. But she also works with an assistant, Bosley bookworm.

Normally she is thoughtful, full of knowledge and well mannered with etiquette. To the point of using fancy or overly-long words when speaking, Often to the annoyance of her friends since they can't understand them most of the time until explained. Her brains do come in handy though, such as when it comes to organizing things around town, making plans or maps, and schedules... as long as they are not overly complicated, in which case she tends to over do it and make things even more complicated.

Surprisingly, Blueberry has revealed that she also knows traps and quite a few pranks. Though this was only used once and hasn't come up since. She is normally reserved, quiet, and polite, but due to how she sees or says things, she can be somewhat blunt in terms of being open and honest, which tends to upset others or hurt their feelings. Even if it wasn't her intention. But she is always very nice and kind to her friends, even with an occasional tantrum if everything isn't just so. Despite how she feels she normally does try to be friendly and nice. Not wanting to purposely hurt someones feelings. Such as when the girls had Lemon's "glamicure" and it was keeping her from getting any sleep. She was getting cranky but tried to remain calm anyway.

Her cranky-ness has come up multiple times during the series now and then, showing that Blueberry can be downright nasty when agitated. And ironically, despite how smart she is, Blueberry tends to be quite forgetful.