The Celestial Blade is a powerful and beautiful dagger made by all of the elemental dragons of the Element
The Celestial Blade
al Dragon Lands. It is Komodo's anti-darkness weapon which he received from his parents and always wears it around his waist with a leather band.


In the Elemental Dragon Lands, the Celestial Blade was made during the Lunar Moon Night in the heart of the Light Dragons Cave,as a symbol of friendship,teamwork,peace and love amoung the dragons. Every land participated in the creation of the blade. The fire dragons made the precious metal and melted it,then heat them up;the water dragons cooled the metal down with their water;the earth dragons worked on it;the air dragons with their gentle claws,made the incisions;the ice dragons carved the unmeltable shard;and finally,the light dragons donated pure crystals to decorate it. When it was ready, it said that each of the lands' princes or princesses will be old enough to bear it,said that it will protect him or her and his or her loved ones from pure darkness and enemies. Now after many generations, it is handed down to Komodo.

Abilities Edit

The Celestial Blade has many magical powers. It starts as a 20 cm long rod but when Komodo pulls it out, it becomes it's dagger-like state. It can blast a ray of blue light out of it's point or it can glow like a torch without a flame. And it's so swift that it can slice anything into a thousand pieces.


In the episode of Season 5,The Celestial Blade and the Scarlet Scythe,The Cesletial Blade's shard is light turquoise,and the metal is gold with crystals and engravings on it.