The cutest, newest, glitterist friend to arrive! Cherry Jam is the newest member
Cherry Jam

Cherry Singing

to Berry Bitty City and friend of Strawberry Shortcake. A kind girl who comes from the big city, trying to find a place to accept her for her true self and not just the idol she's become.

Cherry Jam comes to Berry Bitty City to sing at the grand opening of the Market but she didn't expect to fall in love with the place and find her true desires all on the same day! After many casualities she decides to make her stay in Berry Bitty City official. Her theme color is hot pink and her symbol is the Cherry, usually attached to a pink flower known as the cherry blossom.

Personality Edit

A Pop Star who happens to be nothing like everybody thought she was. Everyone who has never met her saw a glamorous diva who only cared about the best things life had to offer her. Yet in reality, Cherry is a friendly girl who is very down to earth and peaceful. She doesn't like all of the nice things being a star has brought her in the least. Cherry Jam came to Berry Bitty City in hopes of finding a place that would accept her for her true self. She wanted someone to be her true friend, and not just a fan. She had no clue she would find this someone when she came to sing at the grand opening of the market though! This person was Strawberry Shortcake. Who saw her for who she really was, a sweet girl who loves music. At first Cherry was unsure about being there when she met the other berry girls, who prefered to be her groupies and ontourage. When she didn't show up for a party they held, they took that as a sign she didn't like them until Strawberry cleared it up later.

Strawberry and Cherry help inspire each other musically and creatively. They are in perfect harmony whether it be singing or just hanging out.