Chiffon is the adorable chihuahua owned by Raspberry Torte. She was adopted by her at the end of A Boy and his Dogs when the girls decide they will adopt the remaining puppies that Huckleberry Pie brought along.


Orange Blossom assumed she was frightened and shy with others, due to the way she hid every time someone would come into the Orange Mart. But in reality, she was just cold.

Chiffon loves to accessorize almost, if not as much as Raspberry does. Chiffon is a very timid puppy and is quiet around others.


Chiffon is the smallest puppy in the group. She has very pale pink-white markings at the center of her face, chest, stomach, and paws. Her body and ears are slighly darker, while the inner ear is light fuchsia to match her nose and raspberry eyes. Her hair is a dark pink swirl. Inside of her ears, she has small white dots. She wears a green striped bow on her collar, with a raspberry gem in the center. 


Originally chosen by Orange Blossom, the berry girl assumed Chiffon had been afraid of everything because of the way she would shake or shy away from things. After Raspberry realized that Chiffon was just cold, due to her thin body, she dressed her up and knew just then and there that she was the perfect pooch for her. 


  • Chiffon is one of the pups who closely fit the owner more than others. Another would be Hana (owned by Lemon Meringue).
  • Chiffon's name comes from the word Chiffon, the french word meaning a type of cloth/fabric, as well as a type of cake. This is befitting of Raspberry's career of fashion, along with her last name "Torte", which is a cake.