Dennis is the lead character of his show Dennis and Gnasher who appears in most
No time,Mum!
episodes and is the number one menace in Beanotown!

Personality Edit

He loves finding fun to liven up boring days, playing loud rock with his band, the Dinmakers, and inventing amazing gadgets to make life more exciting. Hobbies definitely DO NOT include homework, tidying up, taking baths, playing quietly - or doing anything quietly! Dennis is always thinking about ways to have fun, no matter what it takes... which inevitably spells trouble for any grown-ups or wimps unlucky enough to be in the way! His also extremlely over- protective of his Younger Sister Bea.

Dennis hangs around with his dog, Gnasher, and three best friends Curly, Pie Face, and Lief.

Element Edit

Dennis represents the element of faithfulness in the Elements of Teamwork when Lief was hanging on a cliff's edge and is bewildered when Dennis seriously tells him to let go.

Friends Edit

Lief (Best Friend)

Atomic Betty


Rainbow Dash

Twilight Sparkle

Strawberry Shortcake (Love interest)

Yawp and Dander

Robbie Shippton


Pie Face