Dusk Shadow is Komodo's half-cousin and a formal member of the Light Dragon family. Not long ago after Komodo
Dusk Shadow

Dusk Shadow in his human form

was born, he was once a kind,generous,and caring dragon prince who dreams of becoming the honorable prince of the Elemental Dragon Lands and the next king. But after Komodo became the honorable prince instead of him, Dusk's jealousy and rage made him grow cruel,selfish,and disloyal. Komodo's birthparents and his grandfather tried to help him,but Dusk Shadow has decided to leave the family and work as a thieving spy with the Dark Dragons in the Dark Dragon Land who promised him that he will one day rule the Elemental Dragon Lands if he gets his claws on his half-cousin's crown.

In the movie "Animal Mechanicals;The Magic of Teamwork and Friendship,"he stole his half-cousin's crown,which is Komodo's second element;magic and enters a magic mirror which is a portal that leads him to the anime world where he was transformed into an anime teenage human boy.

Appearance Edit

Dusk Shadow has black and gray scales and gray wings on his back. He has red scarlet eyes,a red scar, and has an eerie smile with sharp fangs. But in the anime world, he has silver hair,wears a black shirt with a purple moon and torn-off sleeves,black pants,silver boots, gloves that are like Komodo's when he was in human form but in black,spiky wristbands,and a spiky collar around his neck.