Henna is Lemon Meringue's new puppy she gains in the episode "A Boy and his Dog"
when the berry girls all offer to host, then eventually own the dog's brought to Berry Bitty City by Huckleberry Pie.

At first Henna (sniffer) had been picked by Blueberry Muffin, but she was a little frightened and didn't seem to enjoy searching for the treats she hid, that is until she found Huck hiding in the bush!

Personality Edit

Henna, as said above doesn't really have a lot of fun when it came to mentally challanging tasks, such as trying to find the hidden treats. Even displaying a perhaps frightened, or worried type of mannerism as Blueberry tried encouraging her to look. However, she did like to hide the treat instead. While not much has been shown, Hana really seems to enjoy the small makeover given to her by Lemon, being a pooch that loves to look as cute as she can!