Huckleberry Pie is the newest character welcome to Berry Bitty City! As well as
Huckleberry Pie
being the only boy so far, though

this doesn't mean the girls plan to treat him any differently! With the desire to be loved by all, Huckleberry tends to claim to be into the berry same things their in, so that he'll be liked. After he and Blueberry Muffin make a promise, he begins to act like his true self soon after. Unlike the others he doesn't permanently live in Berry Bitty City, but he does often drive by for a visit using his traveling "Huck's Pup Mobile". He has a pet puppy named Tom Tom and he plans to open a place called "Huckleberry's Home For Pets". His theme colors seem to be dark blue oriented, while his icon is 3 blue colored berries put together.

Personality Edit

Huckleberry Pie is a very friendly and nice boy who, at first tries too hard to be liked by everyone else. But he learns to just be himself instead of trying to be like the person he wants to befriend after he gets caught lying too many times. A fun boy, Huckleberry knows what it takes to have a fun time and always tries to enjoy new things, even if he is kind of a klutz and may do more harm then good sometimes!

When getting to know people, Huckleberry may try a little too hard to please them but he warms up and eases into it very quickly. As he begins to act like his true self, he realizes that everyone loves him and they all want to be his friends. Huckleberry is also a very generous boy who adores the berry pups and wants to take care of all of the lands pets and animals.

Despite his seemingly goofy nature, he takes everything he holds close seriously. If you help him then rest assure, he'll be doing everything he can to pay you back!