A friendly girl who has mad skills with a pair of scissors, Lemon Meringue is
Lemon Meringue
one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends

Added by Chrismh and one of her earliest. A sweet girl, despite her sour name! Lemon works at Lemon Salon where she does many things to help make you feel at your best. She loves to have fun and always does what she can to keep things looking pretty while helping out. Her color is light yellow while her icon/symbol is a lemon wedge.

Personality Edit

Lemon is a kind, caring friend, who always does her best and tries to make others happy with her creative, stylish ideas. Much like Raspberry, she is often busy trying to create and make the newest trends! This will work, or it wont but Lemon usually has fun trying it. She often has accidents while working or testing new products resulting in her screaming in horror or hiding her head with a paper bag. Lemon has shown to be slightly ditzy. She isn't air-headed or a klutz, but she does have occasional moments that make her seem like one. However, her unique thinking and a bit of a stubborn streak does tend to help her pull off some cool ideas! She is also quite girly and dislikes things like books and reading, unless its a magazine or benefits her love of hair and makeup. But she will indulge in sports some of the time when the others are all playing. She even does pretty good!

Due to being a friendly person who finds it fun to talk as she works, or is just bored. Lemon happens to also know a lot of gossip around town. While she does not spread it, she does like to hear it. Lemon is normally a cheery person but she does have moments of self-doubt, usually out of fear of being rejected or no longer needed in Berry Bitty City. She's also highly self-conscious and sensitive. She's easy to cry or get upset when someone offends her, or even get a little angry if she thinks someone is making fun of her work. But Lemon also wants to be told the truth. Because of this, her friends have a really hard time telling her the truth.