Majesty is a beautiful muscular Morab horse that has powerful legs that can run all day and sparks fly off of his hooves
when he runs really fast. Komodo met him at a waterfall with a hurt leg while he and his friends were at the lake skipping stones and having a picnic. But Komodo manages to heal him with some special herbal medicine and wrap the wound around with his blue neckerchief. And from then on, they've friends and been riding together ever since.

Personality Edit

Majesty can be brave, but can sometimes be timid. He dislikes slipping and loud noises and will jerk up when he hears something loud or when he slips on mud and wet grounds which causes Komodo to fly off him and land on a stack of hay or anything else soft. Majesty loves jumping, running and is an early bird who usually gets to have his breakfast first before running into the fields or riding with Komodo. His favorite foods are golden delicious apples and oats but Majesty's most favorite is fresh tall green grass.

Appearance Edit

Majesty coat is golden with a white spot on his nuzzle. His mane and tail are cream white and his hooves are silver, but they turn gold when sparks fly out of them.