Mary is a female human teenager, who wears a pink bow in her long, dark hair. She
Mary the News Reporter
is seen throughout the series in several different outfits. Mary is one of the few characters on "Tiny Toons" who does not have a clear analogue to a character in the Looney Tunes cast. Her name is a parody of Merrie Melodies. Mary attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres. Aside from Montana Max and Elmyra Duff, Mary is the only human student of Acme Looniversity on the show with a name and recurring appearances.

Personality Edit

In the Furrball Follies episode segment, Cross-Country Kitty, Furrball escapes from his cardboard box and ends up living with Mary. Eventually, Furrball leaves Mary and returns to his cardboard box, which (although he claims it is his Home Sweet Home) falls apart in the rain. In the episode, Prom-Ise Her Anything, Mary is depicted as being a reporter on Acme Looniversity's campus news show, Acme Looniversity TV, in which she speaks of "prom fever" and how the other toons are preparing for it. She also attends the prom with a male student. However, no episode of "Tiny Toons" ever focused specifically on Mary. In turn, Mary's character would crack jokes about her small role. In the Weirdest Story Ever Told episode segment, Robin Hare, for example, Mary appears as one of the Merry Men. She quips, "Another cameo, another paycheck," and then does not speak again for the remainder of the episode and is only seen in a few more scenes.

Mary Melody has a sweet disposition and sometimes hangs out with Babs, Shirley and Fifi. She has also cared for Furrball and Sweetie in the Furrball Follies episode segment, Cross-Country Kitty, where she takes Furrball across the United States to get his mind off of Sweetie (which doesn't work as Furrball finds one way or another to quickly travel back and forth between states at a chance to eat Sweetie). Even so, she does have an occasional laugh at another's misfortune, such as Montana Max having to go on a date with Elmyra in the Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner With Elmyra.