Minerva Mink (originally called Marilyn Mink, after cinema bombshell Marilyn
Minerva Mink
Monroe) is a character in the Warner Bros. animated television series Animaniacs.

Character profile Edit

Minerva was created with an initial thought of creating a female counterpart to Bugs Bunny's wit, cunning, and humor. However, her final concept was for her to drive every male, no matter their species, into wild take-filled Tex Avery-styled conniptions at her beauty. When she spots a sexy male, she goes into multiple lustful spasms of her own.

Personality Edit

Personality-wise, Minerva can best be described as a "gold-digger", so to speak, being extremely vain and egotistical due to her beauty and sexyness. She typically was seen using men to do whatever she wanted, showing no interest in them whatsoever. As an example of poetic justice, episodes typically ended with her receiving a taste of her own medicine, as she chases after men with similar exacting standards who don't seem to find her attractive at all.

Minerva starred in the least number of shorts of all the ensemble cast, allegedly on account that the content of her shorts was so overtly sexual that it was decided that it would be inappropriate for the intended predominantly children's audience. For example, on one occasion, Minerva was seen as a shapely, nude silhouette while bathing in a lake. Additionally, many of the zany wild-takes on part of the male cast members were filled with innuendo and metaphor for erections. (GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!)

Her second and last solo short, "Moon Over Minerva", was slightly edited for content before broadcast. Some shots of her abundant breasts were considered too voluptuous and erotic for a children's cartoon, and as a result, were air-brushed out. The intent was for her full cleavage to resemble a large puff of fur, but resulted in what fans tend to refer to as a "uni-boob". Only some shots of her breasts, mostly close-ups, were censored - others were left alone.

Although Minerva is snobby, smug and sees no interest in those who seek her attention, probably deep down inside she has a sweet friendly side to her, if anybody's kind to her, it could be that they'll get the same in return.