Pepper Mildred Clark is a skunk with a talent for comedy. She is often trying to
Pepper Clark
think up new pranks, tricks, and jokes to tell/show to others but she can sometimes take things way too far without even realizing it.

Personality Edit

Pepper is a very fun, comedic little skunk who loves to crack jokes and play usually harmless pranks on others. Sometimes her pranks or jokes can be mean or rude, but she doesn't seem to realize this until the person she has teased or pranked begins to cry or tells her off for it. Pepper will also use her humor or tricks to try to perk others up when they seem upset. Being a skunk, Pepper hates it when others reference a natural skunks musk. She isn't normally smelly and it only happens when she is nervous or scared. When she is excited or very happy, she'll release a pleasant smelling scent instead. It's been revealed however that she can also willingly spray if she needs to use it for some reason.