The fun dancer in Berry Bitty City and one of Strawberry Shortcake's best
Plum Pudding
friends. Plum Pudding is a happy,

Added by Chrismh carefree girl who is very kind and funny. Dancing is both her passion, and way of life. She is always seen doing it at, or out of her Studio.

She's very friendly and kind, and always puts others before herself. But she has a passion that can not be put out easily and as a result can be stubborn.

Her color is purple while her symbol is the plum.

Personality Edit

A friendly girl who is very open, kind, and affectionate with her friends. She always tries to help them, even if they're too stubborn to ask for help or insist they don't even need it. Such as, when she secretly got everyone (minus Strawberry) to help Raspberry make her outfits when she was overworking herself. Plum is also known to be goofy, she laughs a lot and loves things like pranks and jokes. She could keep laughing, much like a Hyena if given something super funny! However Plum does not overdo it, she tries to not make someone feel bad, should something funny happen to them. But she does try to use jokes to lighten up the situation.

With the good comes the bad, negetive traits. She lacks leadership skills and happens to be very competetive. As shown when the girls were going to perform in a Dance off and her lack of good judgement and will to cut out the complicated dance made things very hard for the others and eventually forcing them to drop out with minot casualities occuring to each of them due to practicing 24/7.

She also panics and gets nervous quickly, suggesting they run in the face of fear. She is also the first to cry in a situation.