Princess Despaira is King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis' daughter. Like her mother,

Queen Chrysalis, she
The True Form of Princess Despaira

Princess Despaira's true form

changes into anyone's form (as seen on Un-Twilight;The
Princess Despaira

Princess Despaira in her first appearance

Puppet Master)and like her father,Princess Despaira's heart is as black as night,create black crystals, and shapeshift into black mist. She also uses dark magic to use mind control with magical items (like the elements of harmony). Princess Despaira also has the powers of darkness, hatred, and enmity and her only weakness is love, friendship, and light.

History Edit

When Princess Despaira's parents met after bumping into each other,they both fell in love and got married. Then they gave birth to their first daughter. They gave her their abilities and the halves of their hearts just so they said that it will make her stronger. Because if it doesn't, love,friendship,and light will drain all her powers and she'll disappear into mist.

Appearance Edit

Princess Despaira has her mother's wings,mane,tail,and eyes and her father's fangs and coat.