Raspberry Torte is the most fashionable friend any girl would love to have!
Raspberry Torte

A gentle, friendly fashionista with a lot of creativity to offer. Raspberry runs the Fresh Fashion Boutique where she spends her days sewing, drawing, and stitching together many amazing and cute fashions.

Her theme colors are pink and purple, and her icon is the Raspberry, of course!

Personality Edit

A true friend who loves to help others, both in terms of advice, fashion, and just by being a good friend. She's very nice and kind, but also gentle and shy. She's the best friend everyone goes to when they wish to look their berry best. Somewhat headstrong, Raspberry likes to do things on her own. While others see she may be overworking herself, Raspberry will claim to be fine and keep going, usually to the point of exhaustion. She knows it worries the others, but she feels she has to be independent and prove that she can do the task at hand. She can be quite stubborn when it comes to her workload.

Despite this, Raspberry has a hard time coming out of her shell. She hesitates to open up and express herself because she feels her friends won't like her ideas or think that they're silly. However, she has an eye for noticing the strengths in others. When she does open up and express herself, she is as warm and friendly as can be!