Shakespeare is Walter's Andalusian horse with self-confidence and a glorious coat, mane, and smile that shines when
the sunlight hits them.

Personality Edit

Shakespeare is a very talented and handsome horse that has the fillies falling for him. But he can be very snobbish, arrogant, and very discouraging who likes to get his hoof in the way just to trip another horses off their trails, which is why he never loses in horse races or contests and gets to keep the trophies himself. His favorite things are winning a blue ribbon and getting his hooves polished and his favorite food is red delicious apples with or without caramel, but he also likes to eat hay.

In the episode, "The Prince and the Horse," Shakespeare lost in the Hub City Horse Competition to his rival who raced 15 seconds, Majesty, Komodo's horse and then he and Walter were taught a lesson about no matter how fast a horse is, he is still a winner and then had a change of heart to Majesty who became his first friend.

Appearance Edit

Shakespeare coat and mane are white except his mane has a brown streak on it and his hooves are silver.