Star Shine is a Turkish Angora kitten that Unicorn adopted in "An Animal Mechanical's Best Friend."
Star Shine

Unicorn's pet cat

Personality Edit

Star Shine is a sweet and graceful kitty that loves to dance,loves fashion, and be in the spotlight,especially with someone else. She can be a lot flirtatious and sultry, but she is soft,kind,and pure hearted. If you see her dance,you'll see that see can do a pirouette or leaping in the air but when she is not dancing anywhere else,she likes to pamper herself so she can make her beautiful fur sparkle and shimmer,watching fashions shows on TV, or just shopping for new clothes and shoes.

Looks Edit

Like Unicorn, Star Shine is shiny pink except she has white swirly patterns and has a white star on her forehead. But sometimes, she can be seen wearing different dresses,hats,tiaras,shoes,gloves,or jewelry. She has blue sparkly eyes,her claws are well manicured with pink nail polish,and her cute pink nose is heart shaped.