Steel Sunil is the 4th episode of Season 3.

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Fed up with being pushed around and ignored, Sunil takes a class on assertiveness taught by Iron Will. However, instead of just becoming more assertive, he becomes bossy, pushy and mean, threatening to end his friendship with Minka and Zoe.

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The episode begins at

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  • The episode is similar to Putting Your Hoof Down.

Transcript Edit

  • Pinkie Pie: Who's next please? And what can I get for you today?
  • Sunil: What do you think you're doing?! Didn't you see me?
  • Teenage girl: Uh, I guess maybe.
  • Sunil: 'Maybe'? "Maybes are for babies!" [growling] Now go to the back of the line where you belong!

[Hub characters gasp]

[VCR rewind sound]

[Sunil goes up to the cash register and the scared Pinkie Pie gives him a triple chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream sundae with whipped cream and some cherries on top]

  • Minka:Heyy! Look at you!
  • Zoe: Oh, your attitude is so feisty, it's fabulous.
  • Minka: Looks like that monster's workshop really paid off!
  • Sunil: Well actually (eats his sundae and speaks with his mouth full) Iron Will's not a monster. He's a minotaur, and a true inspiration. His techniques really work.
  • Zoe: Well, they've certainly made a difference in the way you carry yourself. You truly are a whole new you, Sunil.
  • Sunil: Yes I am. And new Sunil feels pretty stoked about new Sunil.
  • Sunil: Well, old Pinkie Pie feels really proud of new Sunil. Proud as pink punch. Want some? [giggles]
  • Sunil: "You laugh at me, I wrath at you!"


  • Sunil: Bye, girls. What a day. Taxi! Oh no you don't. "Cut in line, I'll take what's mine!"

[fight sounds]

  • Man: Aieeeeee! Ow...
  • Sunil: Nobody pushes new Sunil around! [screams] Nobody!
  • Minka: Old Minka is not so sure new Sunil is such a good idea after all.
  • Zoe: Old Zoe agrees.