Tom Tom is a puppy owned by Huckleberry Pie after the events in "A Boy and his
Tom Tom
Dog". At first, Strawberry Shortcake was going to take care of him and then own him, naming him Biscuit.

But everybody noticed that while they did their business, he often spent his time wandering around Berry Bitty City and was playing with the other pups. They didn't think anything of it until realizing that he really wanted to be with Huck and he was seeing that the others were happy as well.

Personality Edit

Tom Tom is a very playful and cute pooch! Like Huckleberry, he seems to enjoy the company of others but unlike Huck, he isn't klutzy and seems to be more popular. Tom Tom also seems to be the leader of the pups and the most behaved/smartest, which may be due to its age or influences from Huckleberry himself.