Unicorn the Flirt is the 22nd episode of Season 7.

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Unicorn gets a makeover from a new makeover shop to impress Rex, but things get worse when her new look transforms her in a very bad way.

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The episode begins with

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(In the TruMoo Cafe, Komodo, Sasquatch, and Mouse were at Hub Squad's usual table, having their milkshakes)

Sasquatch: So what's up with Unicorn? She didn't meet up at the Animal Mechanicals' meeting and the Hub Squad meeting yesterday or today.

Mouse: And she missed the Jewelry Workshop meeting at school yesterday. Unicorn's just spending her time at that new makeup shop.

Sasquatch: Not to mention her money.

Komodo: I'm starting to get a little worried about Unicorn. She's been acting weird ever since she had that makeover.

Sasquatch: You're telling me. Unicorn's becoming quite the flirt and now she doesn't pay any attention to anyone, except Rex. (sips in his milkshake)

Komodo: (stirs his half full milkshake with his straw and place his elbow on the table, while flapping his wings a bit) She doesn't play any games, she doesn't study, or even fly around anymore. She looks terrible, even with makeup.

Sasquatch: Yeah. It's like the makeup is magic or something.

Mouse: You mean... the makeup is controlling her, Sasquatch?

Sasquatch: (nods) Uh-huh.

Komodo: (sounds concerned) So what are we gonna do?

(Just then the door swung open and there appeared Unicorn, with a new pink dress, high heels, a heart necklace, and pink lipstick and blue eye shadow)

Unicorn: (lifts her skirt up with her horn's magic) Hi there boys. (bats her eyelashes)

(Every boy in the cafe, except Komodo and Sasquatch, looked at her with googly eyes and their jaws opened, with their tongues hanging out.)

Sasquatch: (disgusted) Yuck. This is why I hate people flirting.

Flirty unicorn

Unicorn and her new Dress