Vinnie Alfonso Terrio is a gecko with a talent for dancing. He isn't very smart,
Vinnie Terrio
but he does try his best at whatever he does. He is a top-notch dancer but he still messes up alot, due to being clumsy.

Personality Edit

A somewhat goofy gecko, Vinnie can be a little bit loud and excitable, but he's a good friend to the other pets and tries to play things cool. Vinnie is portrayed as the least intelligent of the main cast, often unable to understand different situations or know the meaning of certain words or phrases.

Vinnie loves to dance and can't stop himself from doing so, but he also has a clumsy loss of balance caused by his tail and as a result, he often ends up tripping, breaking things, or ruining something else. It's shown in Frenemies that the loss of his tail makes him a better dancer.

Vinnie also has a jealous side as seen in Blythe's Crush, when he was trying to get the better of Esteban.