Wakko Warner, is the middle child. In the "Hello Nurse" song, it is revealed
that Wakko is 7. He is known to just eat, eat, eat and eat though he does have his limits (Meatballs or Consequences). His two prize possesions are his wooden mallet and his Gag Bag. In some segments, he portrays "The Great Wakkorotti", a parody of famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. He speaks in a low Liverpudlian accent.

Personality Edit

He often plays the physically aggressive of the Warner trio, often cracking people with his mallet. Wakko, at times, also drops anvils or heavy objects onto people. This is usually quite effective, except on Baloney, since he is so idiotically happy that he is immune to it. He also appears to be somewhat clever in some segments, like when he "had trouble" figuring out how much everything costs at a dollar store, even when the owner told him multiple times. It turned out to be a ploy to trick the dumb cashier into letting him get everything there for one dollar. He idolizes the late Don Knotts. Wakko with his mallet.

Element Edit

Wakko represents the element of happiness in the Elements of Teamwork.

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