Zoe Trent is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a talent for singing. She
Zoe Trent
loves being the center of attention and being in the spotlight, but she's also a diva and can sometimes come off of a drama queen, but she does have a kind heart. Her owners often like to enter her in dog shows. Zoe's little sister is Gail.

Personality Edit

Zoe is a true-blue diva who can't help but take an opportunity to sing or dance, or just show off. Especially when her favorite song comes on. Unfortunately, this has gotten her into trouble as a result once or twice. Somewhat of a drama queen, Zoe tends to speak with overly-fancy airs or mannerisms. She also can come off a little bit rude to others when she is criticizing them or trying to let them down easily. She also may tend to overreact when she feels depressed, hurt, or upset.

However despite her tendencies, Zoe is also very caring of others and tries to help whenever she can. She loves her family above all else and will put them first if they are in trouble.